Get ahead of the game

Are you in a break/fix cycle?

Something breaks, you call someone in to fix it, or your existing I.T. department responds to do it. How much are you paying for this cycle; this, reactive response? Not just in payroll hours, but downtime in the business?

Proactive monitoring > Reactive response

When we actively monitor your network, we can detect and resolve issues with your network, before you even know there’s a problem. Thus minimizing downtime, and increasing your productivity.


Are you prepared for disaster?

Sometimes, the worst time for something to fail, is exactly when it happens. Are you prepared for accidental deletion, data corruption, hard drive failure, or power surges? Not only do you have to pay for these fixes, but your company suffers and loses money as well.

Preventative Maintenance

For the same reason you bring your car in for regular maintenance, or you see the dentist with scheduled visits, your computer needs to be updated, maintained, and cleaned.

If you are trying to do this and run your business, you’re bound to let something slip.


Let Cathedral Computer's Proactive Monitoring and Preventative Maintenance Go To Work For You and Your Company.

We sit down with you and go through your network, together. Then create a comprehensive plan that highlights areas for concern, and develop a roadmap for future projects. You don’t want to be caught by surprise by out-of-date software, viruses, or other mishaps. Let us streamline your process by handling the load, so you don’t have to.

Or, as we like to say:

You handle your business, we'll handle your I.T.

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